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Project Description
Bulk Creating Testing Data for Dynamics CRM 2011.

This is an entity, that triggers a crm plugin and creates testing records.

Now support all this all this CRM types:

Lookup (via primary entity name)

in next releases:
- automated creatin of missing relationships records
- link related entities by other attributes (codes, custom fields, etc)

This solution includes a CRM entity, with a plugin.
The idea is to create an entity with a set of parameters to launch a plugin code to dynamically create bulk data.
It also a good tool to test creation speed in your environment.

It works in crm online and onpremise.



In the Attributes to fill, you need to add all the schema names of the attributes, and in data to fill all the data separated by ";". in the data, you can use "*" to replace with the record number, and "|" to set different options (random).

 you can also set async or sync mode and enable the ExecutemultipleRequest way!



The full crm solution is here:

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